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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive at Mentalyc.If you have additional questions that are not listed, please Contact Us.

Using Mentalyc

Can I use Mentalyc for in-person sessions?

Yes! You can record an in-person session using you phone or a tablet. Here are instructions on how to do it if you have a: Mobile phone or Tablet and iPhone or iPad. A recorded session can be easily uploaded into Mentalyc and turned automatically into notes. You can upload them directly from from any device. However, reviewing and signing notes is possible only from your desktop.

Can I use Mentalyc with my current video platform?

Yes, you can! You can use it with any video tool you like. You just need to record the conversation (create an audio file with no video). Some video platforms e.g. zoom have an inbuilt recording feature, while some others e.g. Simple Practice or PsychToday do not. But don’t worry there are plenty of free, HIPAA compliant recording apps out there (How to record a session on a MacBook or Windows). A recorded session can be easily uploaded into Mentalyc and turned into notes automatically.

Can I use Mentalyc with my EHR?

Of course! The only thing you will have to do is to copy the notes from Mentalyc and paste them into your EHR. It’s really easy; it takes one click.

Can I use it for couples therapy?

At this moment, we do not support couple or group therapy settings. The system is trained to distinguish between two speakers. This is something we might add in the future! Let us know if it is important to you.

Can I use Mentalyc for phone call sessions?

Yes, you can! You just need to record the phone conversation. We have created some guidelines on how to record sessions on iPhone and Android devices.

Does Mentalyc have a mobile app?

No, we do not have a mobile app at this time but you can add Mentalyc as an app shortcut on Google Chrome and Safari. This will provide you with easier and faster access to your Mentalyc account without having to open your browser.

Can I use Mentalyc to supervise interns?

Yes, you can do it on the team plan. There you can access the accounts of clinicians who are working in your practice (as long as you pay for their subscription). Intern notes can be revised in your EHR after they copy-paste them there. From the Mentalyc dashboard, you can monitor whether notes are taken on time, invite your team members and deactivate them. Try it now.

Are other therapists using it?

Yes! Plenty. And more and more every week. Excellent, very experienced clinicians from all around the United States use Mentalyc.

Can I delete the notes or the transcript?

Sure. You can delete either the whole session (notes, transcripts, and stats) or just the transcript from the "Records" page at any time.

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What note formats can I expect?

Notes consist of 4 concise sections: Client Presentation (presented problem, symptoms, onset, frequency e.t.c), Therapeutic Interventions (5 most important ones to keep the note concise), Progress Statement (what the client is getting better at, and what still requires improvement) and Client Response (how is the client response to interventions). The format is dictated by payer requirements and follows best practices. You can easily adjust it to your needs as the note draft is fully editable as any text file (you can format and structure the text in any way). Learn more about notes created by our AI.

How does AI (Artificial Intelligence) know what is important?

Our algorithms are trained on big data sets of therapy conversations and notes. Additionally, they are trained in therapy books, such as the DSM 5 manual, treatment planners, etc. They recognize patterns in conversations and draw their own conclusions. This way, they can provide interesting insights into your case conceptualization! Nonetheless, remember to double-check what they come up with. At the end of the day, there is more to clinical practice than statistics!

What is the length of Mentalyc’s notes?

The Mentalyc’s notes tend to be slightly longer than what most clinicians write. Depending on the session it will be 1-5 bullet points (there are 4 sections). We want to make sure that you have enough information to argue against an auditor, conceptualize the case and defend yourself in court!

What will happen if I upload 1 recording with 2 consecutive sessions?

Only one note will be created. This is not advised, as the system will not be able to differentiate between 2 clients and will blend your two separate sessions into one. For optimal use, record and upload each client session individually. Check our tutorial on how to upload session recordings to Mentalyc.

Does it work for EMDR therapy?

It depends on what you expect from the notes. If you look for a regular progress note that will be accepted by insurance then yes (notes are in theory atheoretical). If you look for a specific EMDR note, it might not be a good fit at this point. Our notes do not include a target memory or negative cognitions. Still, many EMDR therapists use it and say that it gives them an extra perspective, helps formulate the case, and improves their practice (learn more about our notes). Trying it out doesn't cost anything.

Privacy & Security

Do you have a client consent document template I could use?

We do! Here you can find a suggested version written and reviewed by experienced clinicians. Feel free to download it and share it with your clients and store it in your files. You can also edit it if you like. We also prepared talking points that can guide your discussion with clients.

What happens to the recording?

We remove the recording right after the transcript is created. Learn more about our security.

What does it mean that notes are anonymized?

It means we remove the client’s protected health information, such as names and locations; thus sessions are anonymized and not connected to an identifiable person. Learn more about notes created by our AI.

How does Mentalyc help with insurance audits?

The therapist will need to review Mentalyc's note to make sure there is a specific diagnosis indicated and that it matches to the active symptoms being discussed in treatment. It's important to use present tense versus past history. There should be language around the frequency, intensity or severity of current symptoms and how this impairs functioning below baseline or otherwise makes baseline functioning impossible without therapeutic intervention and ongoing support. We highly recommend using your clinical eye to verify these elements of medical necessity are well documented to ensure best results with insurers or other auditing efforts.

Will my clients know that I am recording them?

It depends on whether you tell them. If you use Zoom recording, then they will realize it by themselves. If you use other recording devices, there will be no way of knowing. It is very important to ask for written consent. We have prepared a draft which you can download and share with them here.

Will my clients know that I am using Mentalyc?

Only if you tell them, we recommend that. Here you can find the recommended consent form.

How can I talk to my clients about Mentalyc?

It depends on whether they purchased your plan. If yes, then they would know if you bought it for yourself. They would have no way of knowing unless you told them.

Will my boss know that I am using Mentalyc?

You can read our security page here which tells you everything you need to know about our security and how we keep your notes confidential.

Legal & Insurance

Are transcripts medical records?

As the user, you can choose to use the note as the medical record if you keep them under your client's name. The anonymized transcripts we use for algorithm training and research are not medical records as no one (including us) could connect them to the individual patient or the therapist.

Will I have to show Mentalyc notes in a court?

It depends. If you create progress notes in Mentalyc, they will be a part of the medical record. If you use Mentalyc for reference, education, etc., and you don't add any client information there, then the chances are low. However, the court can officially request any information you possess, including progress notes and other data, but this rarely happens in practice. If you want to minimize the chances, you can always delete transcripts right after the recording is completed, edit your final note, and sign it, making sure that nothing else is stored on Mentalyc. This way, there won't be any transcript to show.

How does Mentalyc help with insurance audits?

Depends on whether you tell them. If you use zoom recording then they would realize by themselves if you use other recording devices there will have no way of knowing. It is very important to ask for written consent. We have prepared a draft which you can download and share with them here

Content writing

I want to contribute but I am not good in blogging.

That's not a problem! As long as you have alternative ideas for content and collaboration that will spread the word among therapists. Videos, podcasts, social media posting, introductions and conference speeches etc can be a great ideas to contribute as well. Be sure to reach out and pitch your approach.

I want to contribute but I am still studying.

We collaborate with students on thesis and articles writing. Let us know how you would like to contribute.

How will I get payed?

We pay depending on how well your content performs. Usually per click. If you write high quality content and share with your network you will earn a lot more than via tradicional content writing.

What are the topics I would write about?

- Notes - Tools - HIPAA - Payers - AI - Owners - Lifestyle - Training or anything else related to note taking in therapy.


How long is the free trial?

There is no time limit, but you can transcribe only 5 sessions in total.

Will the price stay at $39?

Yes, this is a price that you will keep if you sign up now.

Can I later change the number of team members on the team plan?

Yes! On your team's dashboard, purchase extra seats for more clinicians at any time.

Can I pay for Mentalyc monthly?

Yes! All of our plans are billed monthly. We do not offer a yearly subscription at this time.

Do you have special discounts?

Our current pricing reflects a 50% discount. AI scribing for 1 hour sessions is expensive, so we're unable to provide further discounts at this time. However, we aim to make our services available to all healers doing the important work of therapy. If you're having financial hardship, please write to us and we will do our best to make the platform accessible for you.

What if I change my mind?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. In the first 14 days, you get your money back! Later, you can cancel on a monthly basis for any reason. You can purchase a plan here or you can contact us if you experience any problems purchasing the plan.

How can I manage my billing?

You can upgrade your plan by buying more seats from our website. In order to cancel you need to write us an email and we will do it immediately for you. Soon we'll be adding a cancellation feature directly to the profile section.

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