Therapy notes written for you. Instantly.

Spend under 2 minutes to review and sign your therapy progress notes instead of spending 15 minutes on writing them. No client data is required or stored.

The best AI scribe for therapists

Mentalyc helps clinicians be, who they are meant to be - superheroes, not scribes.

Daniel Helvetius

"Mentalyc has a unique ability to transcribe and summarize the therapeutic process. It helps me reflect and gain an objective perspective after a session. This way, I can create a stronger conceptualization of the client's individualized path to wellness".

Daniel Helvetius, private practice owner

Mentalyc's notes

You will never want to go back to writing notes manually.

Clinician burnout will become a memory.

Mentalyc is Easy


Mentalyc takes notes for you automatically. The only task left for you is to review and sign.

Structured notes


Automatically written notes come in 4 sections with bullet points. You can find an example in the app!

Compliant Note Mentalyc


Insurance will love your notes. Medical necessity and progress are well described.

Are you a forward-thinking mental-health provider, whose ambition is to provide excellent care, while taking care of yourself?

Work with your team on Mentalyc

Team of three therapists

Mentalyc Team Plan

Super smooth, easy, time-saving and efficient note-taking for you and your team members.

How does Mentalyc work?

01. Record your session

You can record a session on your Macbook, Windows, Android, Iphone and Ipad by following our recording tips.

Session Recording Apps

Record your session

02. Upload session to Mentalyc

Upload your recordings to the Mentalyc platform from your mobile devices or PC. Choose client name and date and relax. In just couple of minutes you will see the note ready for signing.

Uploading session to Mentalyc

Upload session to Mentalyc

03. Check and approve the notes

Review and edit notes and transcripts. It takes less that 2 minutes. After signing the them you will see extra statistics. You can delete the notes at any point in time.

Checking and approving the notes

Check and approve the notes

04. Copy and paste notes to EHR

Copy and paste approved notes or download them to your devices. Most of the counsellors using Mentalyc use it together with their pre-existing EHR. Exporting notes is very easy!

Copy and paste notes  to EHR

HIPAA compliant and anonymized

We do not need clients' personal information to write notes. That is why we do not collect it.

HIPAA Compliant

Highest security standards

Mentalyc is not only HIPAA compliant. All transcripts are anonymized and encrypted. Learn more about our security.

Secure Note

You are in control

Mentalyc will draft your notes but it's up to you to approve the draft. You can delete the transcripts and notes at any time! Try it out now.

client data

No client data required

Mentalyc does not collect any client data. Moreover, all the client identifies are removed from notes. Learn more about anonymization.

Did you know that with Mentalyc it only takes therapists 2 minutes on an average to create a progress note?

Choose a plan that's right for you

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For clinicians who want to automate their notes.

$39.99 /month

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Verbatim Transcript

100 AI notes a month

Audio uploads

Note editing

Note downloads

Session stats


For group practice and supervision.

$39.99 /seat monthly

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For digital therapy providers and EHRs

Automatic notes in your interface

✓ Integrate with your workflow


Can I use Mentalyc with my current video platform?

Yes you can! You can use it with any video tool you like. You just need to record the conversation (create an audio file with no video). Some video platforms e.g. zoom have an inbuilt recording feature, while some other e.g. Simple Practice or PsychToday do not. But don’t worry there are plenty of free, HIPAA complaint recording apps out there (How to record a session on a MacBook or Windows). A recorded session can be easily uploaded into Mentalyc and turned into notes automatically.

Can I use Mentalyc with my EHR?

Of course! The only thing you will have to do is to copy the notes from Mentalyc and paste them into your EHR. It’s really easy; it takes one click. Try it now.

Can I use Mentalyc for in-person sessions?

Yes! You can record an in-person session using you phone or a tablet. Here are instructions on how to do it if you have a: Mobile phone or Tablet and iPhone or iPad. A recorded session can be easily uploaded into Mentalyc and turned automatically into notes. You can upload them directly from from any device. However, reviewing and signing notes is possible only from your desktop.

Do you have a client consent form I could use?

We do! Here you can find a suggested version written and reviewed by experienced clinicians. Feel free to download it and share it with your clients and store it in your files. You can also edit it if you like. We also prepared talking points that can guide your discussion with clients.

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