Have your notes written for you. Instantly.

Fully focus on your clients during the appointments, and on yourself after the whole day of work. Mentalyc will write your notes automatically in real-time.

Mentalyc's notes

You will never want to go back to writing notes manually.

Burnout will become a memory.



Mentalyc writes notes while you speak with your client. Right after the session, you will see a ready note in the system. You can edit it tailoring it to your specific requirements. It takes 1 minute.



With Mentayc you will never experience difficulties recalling the exact patient words from your memory. Patient quotes are one click away. The system can also create verbatim transcripts of the entire session.



You will no longer feel insecure about your notes. Insurers will fall in love with your claims. Having AI write your notes puts you among the most innovative and forward-thinking clinicians who set industry trends.

Are you a forward-thinking clinician, whose ambition is to provide excellent care, while taking care of yourself?

How it works

Mentalyc can be used as a stand-alone EMR or only for note-taking.

Your client's data is safe with us

We are aware of how sensitive this data is. Nothing will ever escape our system.

More than HIPAA

Mentalyc is not only HIPAA compliant. It's HYPER secure. We value clinicians' trust more than anything, so we go the extra mile to ensure your data are safer than in a bank.

Patient consent

We ask your clients for consent to use our software. You can store a copy of it in your files. No third parties can ever access your data. It will never be used for marketing purposes.

You are in control

You decide about what is signed in a final note. No need to worry about a subpoena. Our transcripts are anonymized and encrypted, so no one can use them against you. You can also delete them.


Why clinicians love us

Mentalyc helps clinitians be, who they are meant to be - superheroes, not scribes.

"Mentalyc has a unique ability to transcribe and summarize the therapeutic process. It helps me reflect and gain an objective perspective after a session. This way, I can create a stronger conceptualization of the client's individualized path to wellness".

Daniel Helvetius, private practice owner

Transparent pricing

50% off if you sign up till the end of June!



Automatic notes

Optional transcript

Video Calls


Session duration tracking

Up to 2 clients per clinician


$79 39/month

Automatic notes

Optional transcript

Video Calls


Session duration tracking

Up to 30 clients per clinician


Talk to sales.

Integrations / API

Bespoke features



Do I need to keep the transcript?

No, you do not. You can decide whether you want to keep it or only save the final note. No worries, no one will read and misinterpret your sessions.

How do I know that Mentalyc's notes are good?

We are working with the best industry experts and consultants on what makes a good note. Mentalyc's notes are comparable to those of experienced clinicians. They are often longer though. Book the demo to see examples!

Can someone else see my notes?

Your notes and your sessions’ transcripts are stored securely on our HIPAA compliant platform and their full version is only accessible to you.

Can I use Mentalyc with my EMR?

Yes, you can. You might need to copy-paste the notes from Mentalyc to the other software if your EHR doesn't support an integration.

Can I use it with a different telehealth platform?

Yes, you can. You can upload recordings created elsewhere and Mentalyc will create your notes.

Does it work on mobile?

Yes on the patient side. The therapist can only access it from a desktop.

Which setup is it best for?

Online sessions with individuals. Supporting groups and couples is on our to-do list. Same for offline setting. Let us know if you need those to be able to use Mentalyc, we will let you know when this is available.

About us

We are a team of people passionate about mental health. Helping clinicians and their clients is what motivates us to innovate around the clock to deliver the best experience possible.


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