Get your time back with psychotherapy progress notes done automatically.

Users spend less than two minutes on average reviewing and signing their session notes. We never store client personal information, which means 100% HIPAA compliance and peace of mind.

5 free notes for a month, no credit card required.

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The best tool for creating progress notes

Mentalyc helps therapists create top-quality notes without taking up any of their time.

"This is a system that has significantly simplified my note-taking process, it has just about eliminated the time that I actually spend on progress notes while still giving me high-quality progress notes that are insurance worthy".

Thomas Hanna, LMHC, NCC, CCTP, CCATP. Owner - Tempest Counselling

Mentalyc's notes

Spend more time doing what you love. Zero-effort notes are the future of therapy.

Mentalyc is Easy


Mentalyc takes notes for you automatically. The only task left for you is to review and sign.

Structured notes


Automatically written notes come in sections with bullet points. You can find an example here.

Compliant Note Mentalyc


Insurance will love your notes. Medical Necessity and progress are well described.

Built for Mental Health

Mentalyc is specifically designed for Mental Health Professionals in Solo or Group practice.

Individual Providers

  • Psychotherapists
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists and psychiatry nurses

Clinical Leaders

  • Group Practice Owners
  • Clinical Directors
Team of three therapists

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Are you a forward-thinking mental health provider looking for more balance in your practice?

Get notes to write themselves

Turn session recordings into notes.

01. Record your session or dictate

You can record a session (or description of what happened) on your MacBook, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad by following our recording tips.

Session Recording Apps

02. Upload the session to Mentalyc

Upload your recordings to the Mentalyc platform from your mobile devices or PC. Choose the client's name and date and relax. In just a couple of minutes, you will see the note ready for signing.

Uploading session to Mentalyc

03. Check and approve the notes

Review and edit notes and transcripts. It takes less than 2 minutes. After signing them, you will see additional statistics. You can delete the notes at any point in time. Learn more about our AI notes.

Checking and approving the notes

04. Copy and paste notes to EHR

Copy and paste approved/signed notes or download them to your devices. Most of the counselors using Mentalyc use it together with their pre-existing EHR. Exporting notes is very easy!

Copy and paste notes  to EHR

See how Thomas does it!

Adaptability to Therapy Types

Mentalyc offers support to most of the clinician setups.

Happy Clinicians

Individual Therapy

We offer many templates.

  • Universal Therapy Note (beta)
  • Dictation SOAP and DAP
  • EMDR
Happy Clinicians

Group Therapy

Multi-speaker support.

  • Couples
  • Family (Coming soon)
Dollar Sign

Between session

Non-therapy sessions.

  • Quick Notes to take between sessions
  • Service notes

HIPAA-compliant and anonymized

We do not need clients' personal information to write notes. That is why we do not collect it.

Boost Productivity. Reduce burnout.

Leaving notes to our AI means you get your time back. Whether you use that time to see more clients or find more rest, the choice is yours. We're empowering healers to reach their goals. Users report the ability to see 25% more clients. Users report less compassion fatigue by letting AI do the after-session legwork.

Traditional Note-taking

15 minutes per note

20 clients per week


Note-taking on Mentalyc

2 minutes per note

25 clients per week


Using Mentalyc

How do I add a new client?

You can add a new client and attach the client to a session upload by clicking on the “Configure & Upload” button after uploading the audio session. Click here for a more detailed guide.

Using Mentalyc

Can I use Mentalyc with my current video platform?

Yes, you can. You can use it with any video tool you like. You just need to record the conversation and create an audio file with no video. Some video platforms, like Zoom, have a built-in recording feature (see how to record audio on zoom), while others, like Simple Practice or PsychToday, do not. But don’t worry, there are plenty of free, HIPAA-compliant recording apps out there (See the best ways to record on your Macbook or Windows). A recorded session can be easily uploaded into Mentalyc and turned into notes automatically.

Using Mentalyc

Can I use Mentalyc for in-person sessions?

Yes, you can record an in-person session using your phone or a tablet (or any other device as long as it can create an audio file). Here are instructions on how to do it if you have a: MacBook, Windows, Mobile and Tablet, iPhone and iPad. A recorded session can be easily uploaded into Mentalyc and turned automatically into notes. You can upload them directly from any device. Reviewing and signing notes is possible only from your desktop.

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