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Your feedback is essential in helping us make Mentalyc the best it can be. Whether you’ve encountered a problem or have a great idea for a new feature, we want to hear from you.

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Upcoming Features

Template Builder

ETA: September 2023

• Soon, you can mold notes to fit your unique needs. • Pro users will gain the ability to craft and adjust their own note templates. • The custom templates will ensure a smoother documentation experience tailored for each client.

Extended Mobile Access

ETA: September 2023

• Mobile capabilities are about to get a lot more versatile! • Apart from just uploads, soon you'll be able to review, amend, and finalize notes wherever you are. • Mentalycs will be right there in your pocket, making your practice even more agile!

Treatment plans

ETA: November 2023

• We're in the midst of testing our AI-driven Treatment Plan feature. A heartfelt thank you to our users who've been actively participating and providing feedback. So far, the results look promising! • With this new addition, our AI will draft treatment plans derived from intake notes. Furthermore, these plans will be factored in when generating progress notes. • And it doesn’t stop there! As therapy unfolds, new information from your progress notes will seamlessly refine and update the treatment plan, ensuring it always mirrors the client's evolving needs.