The most private AI scribe on Earth!

Mentalyc is truly groundbreaking for therapy. We're proud to be the first 100% confidential AI scribe on the market.

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Expert Perspective

Kevin Ramotar

"Radical data transparency is what healthcare needs at this point to build trust and reduce misinformation. With the development of new technologies, such as AI, is it even more important to keep everyone informed. I appreciate that Mentalyc is trying to elevate industry standards with high visibility for all."

Kevin Ramotar, Clinical leader in Digital Health, Quality, Compliance, and Patient Safety

Mentalyc's approach to privacy

We believe that you need to know exactly what happens to your data.

Recordings are NOT stored

Recordings are NOT stored

Your recordings are immediately deleted from our server after the session is transcribed. They are completely removed from cache memory (temporary, inaccessible storage) within 1-2 hours.

Personal information is removed

Personal information is removed

While transcribing, the system removes all personal information from the text output. No PHI is stored (names, locations, etc.). The therapist does not need to input any identifying information into Mentalyc.

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Connection is  encrypted

Mentalyc follows the highest security standards. All data is stored in HIPAA-compliant databases that are fully encrypted and inaccessible by Mentalyc.

Mentalyc values client privacy more than anything!  We deeply believe that high-quality and efficient notes help everyone in the clinical ecosystem. It is a win-win situation for therapists and clients receiving services.

Radical Transparency

There are no secrets to how we handle data

Radical Transparency

Benefits for the client

Undivided therapist attention

Therapists do not need to worry about memorizing all of the important session details. Instead, they can devote their full attention to the client and let Mentalyc focus on the notes.

Therapy Session
Happy Therapist

Better outcomes

Mentalyc captures interesting quotes and insight which help the therapists to better conceptualize the case and come up with better solutions.

Happy insurance

Mentalyc takes care that the notes are written in a way that complies with payer requirements. This lowers the changes of further treatment being denied by payers.

Happy Insurance

Ethical Notes

Accurate and factual

Accurate and factual

Learn more about

writing great notes here

Positive language

Positive language

Notes need to be respectful. The client has a right to request access to the notes!

Right level of details

Right level of details

It is important to write only the information relevant to the therapeutic process.

Informed Consent

Informed Consent

We offer a consent template which you can download here.


What happens to the recording?

We remove the recording right after the transcript is created.

What does it meant that notes are anonymized?

It means we remove the client’s protected health information, such as names and locations; thus sessions are anonymized and not connected to an identifiable person. 

How does Mentalyc help with insurance audits?

The therapist will need to review Mentalyc's note to make sure there is a specific diagnosis indicated and that it matches to the active symptoms being discussed in treatment. It's important to use present tense versus past history. There should be language around the frequency, intensity or severity of current symptoms and how this impairs functioning below baseline or otherwise makes baseline functioning impossible without therapeutic intervention and ongoing support. We highly recommend using your clinical eye to verify these elements of medical necessity are well documented to ensure best results with insurers or other auditing efforts.

How does AI (Artificial Intelligence) know what is important?

Our algorithms are trained on big data sets of therapy conversations and notes. Additionally, they are trained in therapy books, such as the DSM 5 manual, treatment planners, etc. They recognize patterns in conversations and draw their own conclusions. This way, they can provide interesting insights into your case conceptualization! Nonetheless, remember to double-check what they come up with. At the end of the day, there is more to clinical practice than statistics!

Behind Mentalyc

Maria, the CEO, and co-founder of Mentalyc went to therapy herself. She had to switch therapists multiple times before she overcame her struggles. She devoted her career to improving the experience for others!