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Find exactly what you need for your practice and impress insurers!

Client and Therapy Type

From Individuals, Children, Couples, EMDR, Play to varied Family sizes.


Whether it's Intake, a myriad of Progress notes (SOAP, DAP, PIRP, SIRP, GIRP, BIRP, PIE), or service interactions.

Input Methods

Convert session recordings, dictations, or direct text descriptions into structured notes.


Teach AI how to refer to you and your clients e.g. Client vs Patient, therapist vs Clinician, and many others.

Adaptable to Varied Therapy Types

Craft notes across multiple therapeutic modalities. *Please note that all sample notes here are fictional and are not derived from a real life session.

Individual Therapy

Couple Therapy

Family Therapy

Child Therapy

Progress Notes in Different Templates

Monitor therapeutic evolution, employing a host of templates to encapsulate the patient's therapeutic journey. Explore examples for each note type.

Customize Your Session Notes Your Way

Adjust the templates to your needs.


Add EMDR specific sessions to reflect the nature of bilateral stimulation.

Play Therapy

Make your notes capture an abstract, interactive and expressive nature of Play Therapy.


Add medication management and psychiatric assessments to reflect the nature of prescriber work.

Stay Compliant

Our notes adhere to Healthcare Giants.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Mentalyc Notes captures all the details BCBS requires including the full client history, presenting issues, diagnostics, clinical formulation, interventions performed, care coordination, and future treatment plans. It also allows linkage of treatment to measurable goals.


Aetna necessitates clear documentation of medical necessity, diagnosis justification, symptom severity, care coordination, and progress monitoring. Mentalyc Notes facilitates capturing all of these elements concisely.


Medicare necessitates clear justification of medical necessity, risk assessments, care coordination details, diagnosis codes, measurable goals, and progress tracking. Mentalyc Notes prompts for comprehensive documentation across all these areas. Using it assists providers in meeting Medicare's documentation standards for medical need, appropriateness of care, and ongoing outcomes.


Medicaid requires establishment of symptoms and function impairments requiring treatment, use of evidence-based modalities, linkage of interventions to goals, risk evaluations, precise start/end times, and care coordination. Mentalyc Notes ensures easy documentation of these key elements in a Medicaid compliant structure. It facilitates rapid yet thorough capturing of clinical details Medicaid focuses on for reimbursement.

Anthem Inc.

Mentalyc meticulously utilizes the industry-standard DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and codes, aligning with Anthem's commitment to recognized diagnostic criteria. Our notes diligently document a comprehensive clinical formulation that captures predisposing factors, adhering to Anthem's guidelines for a thorough assessment. Moreover, our notes encompass a detailed mental status examination and thorough risk assessment, meeting Anthem's requirements for a comprehensive evaluation. We ensure that our notes thoroughly outline the discussed goals and articulate a continued treatment plan, in full accordance with Anthem's care coordination and follow-up requirements.


Mentalyc notes capture subjective quotes from the client, illustrating symptoms and aligning with Centene's emphasis on the patient's perspective. They also record details on the onset, frequency, and duration of symptoms, providing crucial information in line with Centene's evaluation criteria. Furthermore, our notes include family history and trauma details where applicable, addressing Centene's assessment requirements and providing relevant context. Additionally, we document the interventions used and the client's response, ensuring compliance with Centene's standards for evidence-based care.

Humana Inc.

Mentalyc notes comprehensively cover all presenting problems, clinical observations, and diagnosis details in alignment with Humana's comprehensive care approach. Additionally, any safety risks or concerns identified are diligently noted as per Humana's risk assessment guidelines. Our notes outline the follow-up actions, such as assigned homework, in accordance with Humana's discharge planning and continuity of care protocols. Lastly, we emphasize the coordination of care with other providers, ensuring compliance with Humana's integrated care requirements.

HealthCare Services Corp. Mentalyc notes use industry-standard DSM-5 diagnoses and codes that align with HCSC's diagnostic criteria. We thoroughly document the interventions used and provide a clear rationale behind them, following HCSC's evidence-based care standards. Our notes also capture the progress made and any challenges faced, offering clinical evidence of outcomes as required by HCSC. Furthermore, we outline measurable goals using the S.M.A.R.T format, adhering to HCSC's treatment planning and efficacy criteria.

CVS Health Corp.

Mentalyc notes include a mental status exam that comprehensively assesses mood, speech, and cognition, meeting CVS's clinical evaluation guidelines. Important biological factors, such as medications and medical history, are noted to provide relevant clinical context as per CVS's criteria. We also record a clinical formulation that summarizes predisposing factors, complying with CVS's biopsychosocial assessment standards. Lastly, our notes outline follow-up actions, such as assigned homework, in accordance with CVS's care planning requirements.

GuideWell Mutual Holding Corp.

Mentalyc notes cover symptoms, functioning, and include related quotes from the client, effectively conveying patient experiences as per GuideWell's guidelines. Our notes identify diagnostic possibilities with clinical reasoning, meeting GuideWell's standards for evidence-based diagnoses. They also document risk assessments for safety concerns, addressing GuideWell's safety evaluation guidelines. Lastly, we outline goals, barriers, and continued treatment plans in compliance with GuideWell's care planning criteria.

Independence Health Group Inc.

Mentalyc notes document mental status exam details like mood, speech, and cognition are included to provide a comprehensive clinical evaluation as required by Independence Health Group. Our notes identify diagnoses with clinical reasoning and examples, meeting Independence Health Group's criteria for evidence-based assessment. They also document symptoms, onset, duration, frequency, and intensity, offering a detailed understanding of the client's condition. Lastly, we outline goals in S.M.A.R.T format and barriers, addressing Independence Health Group's treatment planning and monitoring protocols.

Kaiser Permanente

Mentalyc notes cover clinical observations, diagnoses, and symptoms clearly, providing a comprehensive overview of the client's condition as required by Kaiser Permanente. We note interventions used and the client's response, offering insights into the effectiveness of the provided care. Our notes assess strengths, risks, and safety concerns appropriately, following Kaiser Permanente's comprehensive evaluation standards. Lastly, we outline coordinated care with other providers, highlighting Kaiser Permanente's commitment to integrated healthcare.


Mentalyc notes provide a comprehensive account of the client's symptoms, functioning, and clinical observations, while adhering to UnitedHealth's guidelines for documentation. Our notes include a well-documented assessment and treatment plan section that outlines the goals and ongoing care plans as required by UnitedHealth. Additionally, we specify the interventions implemented, along with the rationale behind them, and document the client's response to treatment, ensuring compliance with UnitedHealth's standards for evidence-based care. Furthermore, our notes cover thorough risk assessments and address safety concerns, aligning with UnitedHealth's criteria for evaluating and effectively managing potential risks.


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