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The best AI scribe for therapists

Mentalyc helps clinicians be who they are meant to be - superheroes, not scribes.

"Mentalyc has a unique ability to transcribe and summarize the therapeutic process. It helps me reflect and gain an objective perspective after a session. This way, I can create a stronger conceptualization of the client's individualized path to wellness".

Daniel Helvetius, private practice owner.

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Automate note-taking for your agency (Group Practice)

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Team of three therapists

Additional functionalities include:

✓ Performance dashboard

✓ Stats on notes created and signed

✓ Information about delays

✓ Reminders

✓ Access to all client record

Mentalyc vs other tools

Less typing

Most common EHRs/ Practice management software such as Simple practice, TherapyNotes, and TheraNest is perfect for handling your billing, storing your files, scheduling your sessions, etc but cannot write notes for you. Most of our users use one of those together with Mentalyc. With Mentalyc you can simply generate your session notes and copy and paste them to your preferred EHR easily. See how one of our users does it.

Less secondary trauma and new insights

Some therapists use tools such as Nuance Dragon to accelerate the note-writing process. The truth is that the only thing that is reduced is the writing part but you still need to record the note and later fix the text manually. With Mentalyc you do not need to conceptualize the note because the AI will do it for you. Moreover, our users report learning new things about their sessions.

Fewer clicks and fewer clawbacks

Tools such as ICANotes or NoteDesigner represent the previous generation of note-taking apps. Those offer drop-down lists with prepared sentences. Not only will it take lots of clicks to compose a note that way but also there is a high chance that all your notes will look alike which might alert auditors. Mentalyc's AI generates each note based on session data.

Fewer inaccuracies and HIPAA

ChatGPT has the capability to provide a whole lot of answers for almost anything by simply giving it a command. The difference between Mentalyc and generic AI tools such as ChatGPT is that Mentalyc is trained, under the supervision of experienced clinicians, specifically to understand therapy context, and is able to analyze your session data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way. Learn more about ChatGPT and Mentalyc.


Using Mentalyc

How do I Purchase a Plan for Team Members on Mentalyc?

You can purchase and invite as many team members as you wish with Mentalyc. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding members.


Can I get more than 100 notes in a month?

Yes, you can. If the 100 notes per month package is not enough for your needs, you can switch your plan to PRO which comes with 160 monthly notes. Click here


Do you have special discounts?

Yes, we do. If you subscribe to any of our yearly plans, you get 2 months free.

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