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The best AI scribe for therapists

Mentalyc helps clinicians be, who they are meant to be - superheroes, not scribes.

"Mentalyc has a unique ability to transcribe and summarize the therapeutic process. It helps me reflect and gain an objective perspective after a session. This way, I can create a stronger conceptualization of the client's individualized path to wellness".

Daniel Helvetius, private practice owner.

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You can buy multiple seats for your team with the Mentalyc team plan. Contact us now to get started

Get 5 free notes during your free trial. No credit card required!

For clinicians who want to automate their notes.

$39.99 /month

No credit card required

Verbatim Transcript

100 automatic notes a month

Audio uploads

Note editing

Note downloads

Session stats

For group practice and supervision.

$39.99 /seat monthly

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Everything in Pro

Multiple seats

Performance stats


For digital therapy providers and EHRs

Automatic notes in your interface

Integrate with your workflow


How long is the free trial?

There is no time limit, but you can transcribe only five sessions in total.

Will the price stay at $39?

Yes, this is a price that you will keep if you sign up now.

Can I later change the number of team members on the team plan?

Yes! On your team's dashboard, purchase extra seats for more clinicians at any time.

Do you have special discounts?

Our current pricing reflects a 50% discount. AI scribing for 1 hour sessions is expensive, so we're unable to provide further discounts at this time. However, we aim to make our services available to all healers doing the important work of therapy. If you're having financial hardship, please write to us and we will do our best to make the platform accessible for you.

How can I manage my billing?

You can upgrade your plan by buying more seats from our website. In order to cancel you need to write us an email and we will do it immediately for you. Sometime soon we will add cancellations into your profile.

Can I pay for Mentalyc monthly?

Yes! All of our plans are billed monthly. We do not offer a yearly subscription at this time.