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Follow these steps to get an insurance-compliant note ready in no time without writing it yourself!

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01. Inform your client

Your clients have no way of knowing that you use Mentalyc unless you tell them.

Client consent

For your convenience, we provide a client consent template in the Mentalyc app (found under the user profile) and on our website. We strongly advise informing clients about session recording. Download it here.

Client talking points

When talking to your client about using Mentalyc, be sure to cover all the points mentioned. We have a separate page providing detailed information on security and client benefits. Feel free to share it with your clients.

02. Record your session

Mentalyc works in any session: online, in-person, or hybrid, there are no limits! Recording is free and HIPAA compliant.

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In-person sessions

We recommend recording in-person sessions using our in-built recorder in the Mentalyc app. Alternatively, You can use any device to record your session. Here you can find instructions for iOS and Android devices.

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Online sessions

We recommend recording online sessions on your computer (MacBook or Windows). Here you can find recording instructions for MacBook and Windows.

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Phone call sessions

We have created recording instructions for sessions you may have over the phone if you use an Android or iPhone. Here you can find the instructions for Android and iPhone.

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Dictation & Typing

Forgot to record a session? No problem! You can describe what happened in the session via voice or text and Mentalyc will write perfectly structured intake, progress or service notes matching the templates you select.

03. Upload your recordings

You can upload your recordings directly from any device.

Uploading on desktop

If you record sessions on your computer (see MacBook and Windows instructions), upload them easily via Mentalyc's web app. Just drag and drop your files on the home screen (refer to our uploading guide).

Uploading on mobile devices

For in-person or phone sessions, you'll likely use your phone or tablet for recording. You can upload directly from mobile devices and tablets. Note review and signing are currently available only on desktop.

When you don't have a session recording

Tailoring our platform to your preferences, we offer flexibility in creating session notes through recorded summaries or text entries. Choose to capture the session verbally and have it transcribed, or type your observations and insights directly. This adaptable approach suits various communication styles and seamlessly integrates note-taking into your workflow.

04. Configure your note

Location, Duration, Type of Therapy

Meet insurance compliance with automated session tracking. Our system manages session details, including type (individual, child, couple, or family) and timing. Review and approve each note for accuracy.

Pick Your Note Type

Select the kind of note you wish to craft. We offer a range of default templates for quick access, but if you're seeking a tailored approach, our template builder is at your service. With over 100 items available, you can design precisely what you need. Mentalyc supports a variety of note types, including intake, SOAP, DAP, BIRP, PIRP, PLAY, EMDR, MSE, Risk Assessment and much more.

05. Keeping records in Mentalyc vs other EHRs

You can keep your records in Mentalyc or elsewhere. Mentalyc makes it easy to export your notes and provides flexibility.

In Mentalyc

Mentalyc stores all your notes, transcripts, and statistics in the 'records' page within the app. These records are anonymized, encrypted, and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Other EHRs

Exporting notes from Mentalyc is incredibly simple. With just one click, you can copy, download, or print notes for your EHR or keep them on your device. You have the choice to retain notes in Mentalyc, your EHR, or delete them – it's all in your hands!

There is no safer place for your data than Mentalyc

We believe that you need to know exactly what happens to your data.

No recordings stored

When you upload a session recording to Mentalyc, it's instantly transcribed, and the original recording is securely deleted in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

Notes are anonymized

When you upload a session, it's transcribed instantly with client identifiers like names and places removed. You can choose to use full names, nicknames, or initials for client medical records in Mentalyc notes, based on your preference.

Delete anytime

Delete anonymized notes in Mentalyc anytime. You can choose to remove transcripts or all session data. Mentalyc is HIPAA-compliant and ensures anonymity, so deletions are generally unnecessary.

Learn more about Our Security

Quick Access from any device

Mobile App

To use the Mentalyc app on your phone, save it as a bookmark; it's not available on app stores. Follow Safari and Chrome instructions to set it up, especially if you plan to upload from your phone.

Desktop App

For easier desktop access to Mentalyc, install the web app using your browser or create a desktop shortcut from Chrome. This streamlines access, eliminating the need to manually enter the URL and enhancing the user experience.

Extra Session insights

Mentalyc provides therapists with valuable session insights through detailed statistics on recorded audio sessions. These insights cover session duration, client-therapist speaking time, and silent periods. This data aids therapists in analyzing and enhancing their sessions for improved outcomes.

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