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Maximizing Your Productivity as a Therapist with an AI Tool

Maria Szandrach

Hate writing progress notes? Join thousands of happy therapists using Mentalyc AI.

Maximizing Your Productivity as a Therapist with an AI Tool

Being a therapist can be a demanding job, requiring long hours of sessions, followed by an even longer process of writing progress notes. However, Thomas Hanna (LMHC, NCC, CCTP, CCATP), a licensed therapist from Tempest Counseling in Tampa, Florida, found a way to streamline his note-taking process, freeing up time and energy to focus on his clients.

The Challenges of Writing Notes

Thomas faced a common challenge among therapists – the time-consuming process of creating therapy progress notes. Despite being an excellent therapist, he struggled with keeping up with his notes due to the amount of time it took and the difficulty of maintaining consistent quality.

"Administration has always been really time-consuming and I would be inconsistent with the quality I manage to maintain in terms of my notes."

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The Solution: Mentalyc

Thomas discovered Mentalyc, a platform that streamlines the note-taking process, providing high-quality notes in almost no time. The solution is simple - all Thomas has to do is make an audio recording of his session with the client and upload it to Mentalyc. The recording is then instantly converted into progress notes, saving Thomas hours of time and ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

"I have a session and at the end of the session, I save the audio file into a secure location on my personal computer and then go into Mentalyc to upload and leave it alone. I then move on to my next session, and I do the same thing. At the end of my day, I can go back in [to Mentalyc] and each of the sessions is already laid out in the notes."

Tips for Maximizing Your Productivity

Thomas' experience with Mentalyc can provide valuable insights into maximizing productivity as a therapist. Here are some tips to help you streamline your note-taking process:

  1. Use technology: There are several apps and tools available that can simplify and automate the note-taking process. Find one that works for you and stick to it.
  2. Record sessions: Recording sessions can provide an efficient way to capture important information without the need for manual note-taking.
  3. Upload and move on: As Thomas did, uploading recordings and letting the app do the work for you can help you move on to your next session without spending hours on note-taking.
  4. Consistent quality: With Mentalyc, Thomas is assured of receiving high-quality notes that are consistent with his expectations. Look for a platform that provides consistent results and saves you time.
  5. Avoid burnout: Spending long hours writing notes after a long day of sessions can lead to burnout. Automating the note-taking process can help you avoid this pitfall.


As a therapist, you want to focus on helping your clients, not on the administrative side of your job. By streamlining the note-taking process with Mentalyc, Thomas is able to do just that. Find a platform that works for you and use these tips to maximize your productivity as a therapist. Say goodbye to long hours of manual note-taking and hello to more time with your clients.

With the support of Mentalyc's top-notch therapy resource plan for teams, Thomas is confident that he and his other clinicians will be able to rapidly grow their practice. Mentalyc's commitment to providing fast and high-quality services gives Thomas peace of mind and a competitive edge in the industry.

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Hate writing progress notes? Join thousands of happy therapists using Mentalyc AI.

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