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Nuance Dragon vs Mentalyc

Linus Kaiser2022-10-24

Manual documentation is very time-consuming and tedious for most therapists, but new tools are helping to make it more efficient. As a therapist, you probably spend a lot of time writing notes. It’s easy to get into the habit of typing out everything you want to say on your computer or a piece of paper. But that’s not always the best way to capture information. Tools like Nuance Dragon and Mentalyc try to make it easier with their AI technology.

Nuance Dragon software uses its speech recognition software to allow its users to create documentation using their voice. While Mentalyc uses voice AI technology as well, it’s a bit different. Mentalyc converts session audio recordings into perfect progress notes, taking away any form of stress for the user.

Nuance Dragon

Nuance Dragon is an AI speech recognition tool that allows professionals in different career fields to create documentation on their mobile devices or computers. With their voice AI software, they create accurate dictation and transcription.

More of their features include:

How it works:

Nuance Dragon’s speech recognition technology works across different devices, making it easily accessible to users. The software is also easy to install and maintain. Installation takes only one click while maintaining it automatically happens because the app updates itself, ensuring you have the latest updates and all users are on the same version.

Nuance Dragon’s AI has high recognition accuracy, which ensures that dictations are fully accurate regardless of accents or location (virtual or in-person). With their resiliency mode feature, they ensure that interruptions do not affect the documentation.

Nuance Dragon is a good documentation tool for most professions, but as a therapist looking to take progress notes, it is not the best tool for you.

Get your progress notes done in 2 minutes


Mentalyc is the best tool for creating your clients therapy notes. With Mentalyc’s highly advanced AI, you can expect your notes to be created for you in just a few minutes after uploading a session recording. You just have to review the notes, which take just 2 minutes.

How it works

You don't have to do a lot to use Mentalyc. You just need to record your session audio, upload the audio file to Mentalyc, and you will have your notes ready in no time. (How to record your therapy sessions).

Your session recording will then be converted into a verbatim transcript and progress note by Mentalyc. All notes are written by Mentalyc's AI. There is no need for client data before creating a note on Mentalyc. (Learn about Mentalyc’s notes).

On Mentalyc, all your information and notes stored in the tool are fully secure, Mentalyc deletes session recordings uploaded immediately after the note has been created. (Read more about Mentalyc’s security).

As a therapist looking to write high-quality progress notes that meet insurance standards, Mentalyc is the perfect tool for you.

Have your progress notes written for you. Instantly.

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