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Transform Your Team's Documentation with Mentalyc

Leverage AI-powered note-taking for your entire practice. Save time, ensure compliance, and concentrate on what truly matters – providing exceptional care for your clients.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Practice with Mentalyc

Experience the benefits of automated note-taking for your entire practice.

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Save Time & Boost Productivity

AI-powered note-taking frees up hours weekly for your entire team.

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Robust Security & HIPAA Compliance

Advanced encryption and top-notch security to protect your clients' data.

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Ensure Quality & Compliance

Deliver high-quality, well-structured notes that prevent clawbacks.

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Best AI Note-Taker at a Fraction of the Cost

Unmatched quality and affordability in AI note-taking solutions.

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Attract & Retain Top Talent

Stand out as the go-to choice for new and existing clinicians.

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Streamline Onboarding & Transparent Pricing

Effortless setup, no hidden fees, and immediate team access.

Boost Revenue and Clinician Satisfaction with Mentalyc

Discover the impressive return on investment and improved work-life balance Mentalyc brings to your practice.

Mentalyc unlocks $1,253.34 extra revenue per clinician per month

  • Therapist hourly billing rate: $100
  • Weekly sessions per clinician: 20

  • Time spent on a note without Mentalyc: 20 minutes
  • Time spent on a note with Mentalyc: 2 minutes

  • Time saved per session: 18 minutes
  • Clinicians take 8 minutes of saved time for breaks and use the remaining 10 minutes for billable sessions

  • Time saved per month (4 weeks): 24 hours
  • Extra billable time per month: 13 hours and 20 minutes

  • Additional revenue per clinician per month: $1,333.33
  • Mentalyc's Pro plan monthly cost: $79.99
  • Net gain per clinician per month: $1,253.34
  • ROI: 1567%

Exclusive features for group practices

Purchase multiple seats to unlock extra functionalities designed for practice leaders

Mentalyc is Easy

Performance dashboard

Structured notes

Stats on notes created and signed

Compliant Note Mentalyc

Information about delays

Mentalyc is Easy


Compliant Note Mentalyc

Access to all client records

How to Start

To offer automatic notes to your team follow those 4 steps.

01. Try it first

If you are a clinician yourself you can create a free trial account and create a few notes to see how it works.

Therapist with a laptop

Mentalyc's team dashboard

02. Buy seats for the team

In order to be able to add your teammates and create a team plan, you need to buy extra seats first. You can do it by specifying the number of seats you need here or speaking with sales.

03. Invite team members

Now you can add your teammates directly from the app. Invitations are sent via email. You can also send reminders anytime.

Inviting team members

Monitor and ensure the timeliness of notes

04. Monitor and ensure the timeliness of notes

With Mentalyc team, you can monitor and ensure that your team members review and sign their notes on time, we provide you with data that shows the total number of notes for each team member.

Affiliate Partners

QA Prep

Note-taking training

Outcome measurement for evidence-based practice

Group Practice Plan

Automate Note-taking for Your Agency

This is for agencies of any size using 3rd party EHR.

Pricing: Buy multiple individual seats to unlock team functionality. Discounts for 20+ seats.


✓ Performance dashboard

✓ Note creation stats

✓ Delay alerts

✓ Task reminders

✓ Full client record access

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Enterprise Plan

Plug Mentalyc's Notes into Your Interface

This is for Digital Therapy Providers with in-house EHR and 100+ clinicians.

Pricing: Discounts based on volume


AI notes in your interface

API integration

Prioritized requests handling

Pricing per seat

Team Pricing

You will be able to invite therapists to your group, each with their own subscription.


For clinicians and clinical leaders who want to get their notes done quickly. Buying multiple seats unlocks a team plan.

$39.99 /Month per seat

$479.88 $399.99 /Year

SAVE $80! Equivalent to 2 months free!

✓ 100 AI progress & intake notes & transcripts/month

Notes from: recordings, dictations, typing

Max 75-min session recording

Note storage & exports

Session analytics

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For clinicians and clinical leaders who want to have more choices. Buying multiple seats unlocks a team plan.

$69.99 /Month per seat

$839.88 $699.99 /Year

SAVE $138.89! Equivalent to 2 months free!

✓ All Basic features +

160 notes & transcripts/month

Notes for Child, Couple, Family, EMDR

Max 130-min sessions

Custom templates (soon)


For psychiatrists, prescribers, psychiatry nurses who need more notes.

$119.99 /Month per seat

$1,439.88 $1,199.88 /Year

SAVE $240! Equivalent to 2 months free!

✓ All PRO features +

330 notes/transcripts/month

Priority requests

The best quality at the best price. 

Small Practice (Up to 20 Therapists)

Benefit from group features designed for your team.

Learn about Team Plan

Larger Practice (20+ Therapists)

Experience personalized solutions for your organization.

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Using Mentalyc

How do I Purchase a Plan for Team Members on Mentalyc?

You can purchase and invite as many team members as you wish with Mentalyc. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding members.

Using Mentalyc

Can I use Mentalyc to supervise interns?

Yes, you can do it on the team plan. There you can access the accounts of clinicians who are working in your practice (as long as you pay for their subscription). Intern notes can be revised in your EHR after they copy & paste there. From the mentalyc dashboard, you can monitor whether notes are taken on time, invite your team members and deactivate them.


Can I later change the number of team members on the team plan?

Yes, you can. at any time through your team’s dashboard. You need to purchase extra seats in order to be able to invite more clinicians. Click here for a guide.