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Comparing Eleos to Mentalyc, note baseline vs note fully done by AI

Maria Szandrach2022-10-27

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Choosing software to use in your private practice requires a lot of consideration. It's crucial to ensure the tool or platform you eventually pick will improve your practice through its efficiency. All therapists have note-taking and documentation needs, and most need technological solutions to make it easier and to ensure that their note-taking needs never resurface. As a therapist, you also have to consider how easy it is to access your chosen tool.

Today we will compare Eleos' health tool with its best alternative, Mentalyc, and see which one better suits your needs in terms of note-taking and accessibility.


With a tool like Eleos Health, your sessions are automatically documented directly from your sessions and their AI, identifying interventions and critical moments in the session and providing you with enough information from the session to write your notes with. They don’t take note-taking 100% off your hands, and they reduce your documentation time by only 36% on average.

Mentalyc, on the other hand, fully automates your note-taking process by simply converting an audio-recorded session into high-quality progress notes in barely any time, reducing your documentation time by 90% on average.


Individual practitioners and small practice owners are denied access to Eleos due to Eleos not taking clients or organizations with fewer than 50 therapists.

Mentalyc, on the other hand, supports practices of any size, from individual practitioners to large practices, and with Mentalyc, you can easily gain access to the tool by simply creating an account from the Mentalyc app website.

The following image shows a complete comparison between Mentalyc and Eleos.

Eleos vs Mentalyc

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the perfect tool to take away manual note-taking from your practice and allow you to fully focus on your sessions without worrying about documentation, then Mentalyc is the perfect tool for you. Mentalyc offers you easy-to-use solutions for your note-taking needs at super-affordable rates.

All you have to do is simply make an audio recording of your session and upload it to Mentalyc, and you’ll have your progress note and verbatim transcript ready in no time.

(Read here How Mentalyc helped a therapist eliminate note-taking from his practice).

In conclusion, if you’re an individual practitioner or a practice owner of any size trying to create progress notes for your sessions fast and with consistent accuracy, then Mentalyc is the absolute right tool for you.

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Maria Szandrach

Maria is an experienced entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience and a MSc degree from London Business School. She co-founded Mentalyc as her third startup (the previous ones were solving problems in the Mental Health and Insurance industries). As a teenager, Maria went to therapy for an eating disorder. She switched therapists 5 times before she eventually recovered. She devoted her career to making therapy more effective and efficient.

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