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Benefits of writing with Mentalyc

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Do what you love

Do what you love while taking a break from seeing clients.

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Earn money

Earn money without committing to a fixed schedule.

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Get recognized

Get recognized without worrying about marketing your work.


Mentalyc is Easy

Clinical experience

Clinical experience seeing clients or supervising other clinicians is a must.

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Curious mindset

You challenge status quo and love innovation.

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Perfect English

You know English well and like playing with words.

Where to start?

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Step 2

Speak with us.

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Step 3

Start creating.

Our writers

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Brittainy Lindsey


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Maria Szandrach

Mental health entrepreneur

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Salwa Zeineddine

Mental health expert

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Marissa Moore

Mental health expert


I want to contribute but I am not good in blogging.

That's not a problem! As long as you have alternative ideas for content and collaboration that will spread the word among therapists. Videos, podcasts, social media posting, introductions and conference speeches etc can be a great ideas to contribute as well. Be sure to reach out and pitch your approach.

I want to contribute but I am still studying.

We collaborate with students on thesis and articles writing. Let us know how you would like to contribute.

How will I get payed?

We pay depending on how well your content performs. Usually per click. If you write high quality content and share with your network you will earn a lot more than via tradicional content writing.

What are the topics I would write about?

- Notes - Tools - HIPAA - Payers - AI - Owners - Lifestyle - Training or anything else related to note taking in therapy.