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Therapynotes Alternative - Mentalyc

Linus Kaiser2022-10-24

Note-taking has been a source of stress for a lot of therapists. Some of them see multiple clients every day and have to take long notes at the end of each session for each client, which can be very tedious. Tools like TherapyNotes and Mentalyc have made it their mission to make the note-taking process seamless for therapists.

TherapyNotes is an EHR system that helps handle the day-to-day running and organization of therapy practice. TherapyNotes also allows you to create notes using their pre-created templates. While Mentalyc is an AI scribe for psychotherapists that helps create notes quickly and easily by converting your session recordings into progress notes.

For more information about both of the tools, please read below:

Therapynotes alternative


TherapyNotes is a complete practice management system with everything you need to manage patient records, schedule appointments, meet with patients remotely, create documentation, and bill insurance, from your computer.

More of their features include:


Scheduling appointments with clients is super easy with TherapyNotes. With just a few clicks, you can schedule sessions, intakes, or even personal vacations. The calendar on TherapyNotes can also be synced with your mobile calendar. You can also create a custom calendar view and set it up to exactly what you want specific clients to see.


TherapyNotes has pre-created templates which you can use in creating your notes. They also allow you to upload your notes created on other tools to their platform to store them.


TherapyNotes helps handle insurance billing, client payment tracking, and medical billing and also helps create statements and billing reports. You can also charge clients through their credit cards safely and securely.

Client portal

The client portal on TherapyNotes is an easy way to share important documents with your clients and sign forms digitally with their built-in forms. You do not always have to create new forms from scratch. Clients can also schedule sessions with you directly from the client portal and make payments using their credit cards.


Meet your clients from anywhere in the world with the TherapyNotes telehealth feature, where you can have one-on-one sessions with your clients virtually and very seamlessly.

Get your progress notes done in 2 minutes


With the ePrescribe feature, you can manage and prescribe your client’s medications, refill prescriptions, and view medication histories through a connected pharmacy.

TherapyNotes is a great tool for running your practice day-to-day, but if you’re looking to write quick and high-quality notes, it’s not the best tool for you.


Mentalyc uses its AI software to make note-taking almost 10 times easier and faster for psychotherapists by converting session audio recordings into well-written mental health progress notes that cover all the important information and meet insurance standards.

How it works

With Mentalyc, converting your session audio recordings into psychotherapy notes is really easy. All you have to do is record your session audio, upload the audio file to Mentalyc, and you will have your notes ready in a few minutes (how to record your sessions properly).

Mentalyc creates a verbatim transcript and a progress note from your session audio recording. The progress note is fully editable. All notes are fully written by Mentalyc’s AI and are fully anonymized. Mentalyc requires no client data before creating a note (learn more about Mentalyc’s notes).

Mentalyc has top security and all information and notes stored there are fully secure, Session recordings uploaded to Mentalyc are immediately deleted after the note has been created. (Learn more about Mentalyc’s security).

Mentalyc is the best tool to take your notes with because it’s very easy to use, saves time, and provides you with high-quality notes.

Have your progress notes written for you. Instantly.

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