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Simple Practice VS Mentalyc (A Comparison)

Salwa Zeinneddine2022-10-06

Every therapist takes notes from their sessions, and a lot of the time, it gets stressful to try to capture everything you discussed with your client from the session. Tools like Simple Practice and Mentalyc have ways to help make your note-taking easier. Although with Simple Practice, you create your notes manually using either pre-created templates or custom templates created by you.

With Mentalyc, your notes are automatically created from the sessions’ audio recording using AI technology that captures the important aspects of the notes and creates the notes to meet insurance standards.

Simple Practice

Simple Practice is a practice management software that assists therapists in running their practice better. The software has some cool features that we’ll be telling you more about below:


The Simple Practice Scheduling feature helps you keep control of your calendar by allowing your clients to make online appointment requests with you, integrating video calls into your practice, unlimited reminders, and syncing to any other scheduling tool you use like Google Calendar, iCal, Calendly, etc.


Simple Practice makes client documentation easy by providing you with note-taking templates that are editable and where new ones can be created. You can leave private administrative notes for yourself on the tool. Previous notes are fully editable.

Client communication:

Simple Practice allows you to create a client portal where your clients have full access to their documents, billing info, and appointments. Simple Practice also allows you to create an easy website to improve your digital presence as a therapist. You can also send private, secure messages to your clients on the software, as well as create custom reminders.


Simple Practice provides you with bank-level security on your client's information while making it easy for them to make payments from anywhere. You can also set up autopay on the software that ensures your clients get billed on their due date without them having to worry about not paying on time. With the client portal on the software, clients can make secure mobile payments at any time, and filing for insurance claims can also be done directly from the software.

Get your progress notes done in 2 minutes


Mentalyc is an AI-Scribe for psychotherapists that uses AI to convert session recordings into progress notes.

Therapists spend an average of 15 minutes taking notes, but with Mentalyc, therapists spend 2 minutes on average reviewing and editing their notes.

How it works

Mentalyc is a very easy-to-use tool. All you have to do is record your session audio, upload the audio file to Mentalyc, and your notes will be ready in no time (how to record your sessions properly).

Mentalyc converts your session recording into a verbatim transcript and a fully editable progress note. All notes are fully written by Mentalyc’s AI and are fully anonymized. No client data is required to do a note on Mentalyc (learn more about Mentalyc’s notes).

Mentalyc is super safe and all your information and notes stored there are fully secure. Mentalyc deletes session recordings uploaded immediately after the note has been created. ( Learn more about Mentalyc’s security).

Mentalyc is the best software to use to take your notes because it’s super easy to use, saves time, and provides you with the highest quality of notes.

Have your progress notes written for you. Instantly.

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