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Empowering Mental Health Professionals Through Five Core Values

Maria Szandrach

Hate writing progress notes? Join thousands of happy therapists using Mentalyc AI.

The spark of Mentalyc ignited in an unusual place: amidst my personal journey to overcome an eating disorder. The frustration of bouncing between five therapists, two psychiatrists, and enduring tough experiences taught me firsthand the need for a transformative approach to therapy, one that empowers both patients and practitioners.

This desire took shape in the Entrepreneur First Accelerator program, where I met Georgi, my co-founder. We were two souls with a shared purpose: to help others, to build something meaningful. His expertise as a software engineer and data scientist resonated with my own experiences in insurance and mental health. Together, we saw a gap in the world – the therapist, burdened by administrative tasks and fighting an uphill battle against ineffective systems.

The COVID pandemic only amplified the need for change. Mental health concerns were on the rise, and therapists, the true heroes, were drowning in paperwork and struggling to keep their focus on their patients. We knew technology could be the answer, the bridge between intention and impact.

Thus, Mentalyc was born, not just a software, but a love letter to the therapeutic journey. It's a promise to elevate the experience for both therapist and patient, to weave a tapestry of support where burdens are lifted and healing can flourish. And so, with a global team echoing our diverse voices and Georgi's dedication to ethical AI ensuring every note rings true, we continue to write this story, page by page, byte by byte.

Unpacking The Brand’s Essence

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek.

At Mentalyc, we believe a brand, much like a therapist's clients, possesses a personality—a unique voice, values, and representation that shape how others connect with it. Our brand essence is defined by innovation, compassion, and empowerment.

With my education at the London Business School and my professional journey with leading brands across different countries, I've gained a distinctive perspective. Delving into the core of our motivations, methods, and settings, we've embraced the brand archetypes of "The Creator and The Caregiver."

As a “creator”, we are innovative and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible, striving to create new and better ways to automate notes for mental health caregivers. This archetype values curiosity, courage and collaboration.

Mentalyc, as a “caregiver” archetype, aims to foster a sense of integrity and kindness. We seek to create a safe and supportive environment for mental health professionals, emphasizing the importance of their work and the impact it has on the lives of those they serve.

Source: Iconicfox

Our Hollywood Story: The Hero's Burden and Mentalyc's Might

The best brands don’t just sell products or services – they sell stories, experiences, aspirations, and hope for something better. Hollywood understands the power of storytelling. Its heroes ignite dreams, and its magic lingers long after the credits roll. But what if brands could harness that same magic, weaving tales that captivate and transform?

This was the revelation that struck me at the "Innovations in Psychotherapy" conference, held in Anaheim, California – the city where dreams come true. As I walked amidst families buzzing with Disney-fueled excitement, I couldn't help but draw a parallel. Therapists aren't just healers; they're warriors. They battle darkness - depression, anxiety, trauma - within the trenches of the human psyche. Their clients, burdened by mental chaos, are the damsels in distress, and society, teetering on the brink of emotional breakdown, awaits their valiant rescue.

But every hero faces a nemesis. Enter Mentalyc: the therapist's Excalibur, the Mjolnir of mental health. Like every superhero needs a faithful sidekick, every therapist deserves a powerful ally. And that's where Mentalyc steps in.

But you might be pondering, "With so many tools out there, what sets Mentalyc apart from the rest?"

Forget clunky software and endless note-taking on paper. Mentalyc is THE AI-powered Robin to your therapeutic Batman. It gets rid of the endless administrative tasks, leaving you free to delve deeper into the human experience. Its superpowers? Preventing burnout, fostering connection, and equipping you to guide clients through their most formidable battles.

Here are some other touchpoints we cater to:

  • Putting clients at the heart of therapy: Mentalyc equips therapists with tools to build stronger relationships, track progress, and deliver impactful care.
  • AI with a conscience: Mentalyc puts your clients' well-being first, offering secure tools built on ethical AI principles.
  • Connect, collaborate, thrive: Mentalyc fosters a supportive community where therapists learn, share, and champion accessible mental health care.

The Pillars of Mentalyc - Our Core Values

Building Mentalyc wasn't just about creating a platform; it was about laying the foundation for a movement. Georgi and I knew our guiding principles had to be more than words on a page – they had to be the compass that steered every decision we made.

After much soul-searching, we distilled our vision and personal beliefs into five core values, each one a beacon in the often-murky landscape of mental health care:

  • Curiosity: A ceaseless drive for innovation.
  • Integrity: Unwavering transparency and data security.
  • Courage: Tackling challenges head-on.
  • Kindness: A compassionate heart.
  • Collaboration: The conviction that together we achieve more.

And as a bonus, we’re also “Customer-Obsessed: Putting our community  at the forefront at all times.” These are not just our values; they are our living, breathing promise to you. Here's AI's interpretation of our values: Intriguing, isn't it? It certainly had me pondering.

Decoding Mentalyc’s Voice

Mentalyc adopts a brand tone that mirrors the qualities of a caring and empathetic caregiver. Let’s take a look:

  • Inspiring: Fueling change with hope.
  • Curious: Continuously exploring and learning.
  • Optimistic: Embracing positivity and brighter tomorrows.
  • Trusting & Trustworthy: We believe in therapy's power and prioritize your trust.
  • Caring: Driven by genuine empathy.
  • Inclusive: Valuing every voice and perspective.
  • Playful: Committed to mental health but with a sprinkle of joy.

The Symbol of Our Journey: The Logo

More than just a letter, the "m" in our logo symbolizes the continuous ascent of the therapeutic journey. Its gentle curves echo the growth and transformation that takes place during therapy, while the open space at the top hints at the unfolding possibilities ahead. In Polish, my native language, "miłość" means love, reminding us that this vital 'vitamin M' is the foundation of healing and connection. This subtle inscription is a personal tribute to my mother, who always believed in the power of love to nurture well-being and guide us through life's challenges.

Understanding Our Name: AI's Ingenious Contribution

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the name 'Mentalyc'? The 'YC' might spark comparisons to renowned accelerators, but our identity goes beyond a single letter. Instead, it delves into the very essence of our mission - revolutionizing mental health care through cutting-edge technology. It's a name not just chosen, but crafted – born from the harmonious collaboration between human vision and AI's boundless creativity.

Symbolism in Identity - Our Colors

We didn't pick our colors on a whim. After much deliberation, we chose a vibrant magenta gradient, representing courage, innovation, and curiosity. The passionate magenta you see symbolizes the courage and curiosity that drive us to innovate in mental healthcare. Pure white stands for the integrity and kindness that guide everything we do. Together, they show our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing care.

Envisioning the Future: Ethical AI in Therapy

Therapy's future is bright, and AI will play a role. We believe AI can be a powerful tool, streamlining tasks, suggesting treatment plans, and even offering initial support. But don't worry, the therapist will always be the hero! At Mentalyc, we're dedicated to using AI ethically, keeping humans at the heart of care, not replacing them.

Voices from Our Community

Hearing from you fuels our passion! Every kind word and grateful message reminds us why we do what we do. Your feedback lights the way forward, and sometimes, it even sparks some creative surprises like Matthew's adorable puppet video (check it out below!).

Imagine a world where everyone has access to the support they need. Sign up on Mentalyc today, join our supportive community, and become a champion for mental well-being. Let's create a brighter future, one session, one note, one person, at a time.


All examples of mental health documentation are fictional and for informational purposes only.

Hate writing progress notes? Join thousands of happy therapists using Mentalyc AI.

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