Write your Couple therapy notes with Mentalyc

Session summaries are concise and well structured into 5 sections covering all crucial information.

Functioning since the previous session

In this section, the AI extracts information about the couple’s functioning since the last session. It includes information about changes in the couple’s relationship and identifies any problems that have arisen since the last session. It also includes progress made toward goals discussed in previous sessions.

Themes and patterns identified

In this section, the AI information about any patterns or themes that have been identified during the session. This includes identifying any issues that are contributing to the couple’s difficulties, as well as any underlying dynamics between the couple.


The AI extracts information about the topics discussed during the session. It should include both what was discussed and how it was discussed, with notes about the couple’s communication style and dynamics.


In this section, the AI captures information about plans for follow-up and further action to be taken in future sessions. The plan may include further exploration of topics discussed in the present session or suggested activities for the couple to work on together.


The AI extracts information about any tasks or assignments attributed to the couple to complete before their next session. These tasks may include activities related to communication or problem-solving, reading material, journaling, or anything else suggested by the therapist with the aim to equip the partners with tools to help them deal with issues as they crop up.

Additional stats

Apart from drafting your progress notes, Mentalyc can reveal some extra insights from your sessions. Currently, it measures the total session time and the talking time of both the therapist and the client. More useful insights will follow in the coming weeks!

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