Write your basic progress notes with Mentalyc

Session summaries are concise and well structured into 8 sections covering all crucial information.


In this section, the AI is pulling data supporting medical necessity. It will look for symptoms, OFAID (onset, frequency, etc.), and resulting impairments in the client's life. If there is no sufficient information about it, it will just elaborate on the main issue and available circumstances.


This section captures what the therapist was doing or saying to improve the client's situation. You can expect 5 concise bullet points. Our AI describes those in plain English, instead of listing treatment modalities (therapy schools such as CBT, DBT, MI e.t.c). It is something we will as well add soon.


This section has you covered when it comes to insurance requirements. It talks about what your clients are getting better at due to the treatment and which areas still require work. This way you validate the usefulness of your sessions and the need for treatment continuation.


In this section, the AI writes about the general attitude of the client towards the therapist's interactions. It is a good indication of the likelihood of progress. It also gives you feedback that might help you adjust your approach to the specific case of your client.


In this section, the AI extracts the information from the session about what the client and therapist plan to achieve in their next sessions.


In this section, the AI analyzes the session and determines the risk of suicide or self-harm the client may face.


In this section, the AI extracts information about the next steps for the client and the therapist for the client’s treatment.


This section captures the information about activities the therapist suggested the client does at home after the session.

Additional stats

Apart from drafting your progress notes, Mentalyc can reveal some extra insights from your sessions. Currently, it measures the total session time and the talking time of both the therapist and the client. More useful insights will follow in the coming weeks!

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