Write and Review notes in under 2 minutes

AI creates the note and an intuitive interface making editing, copying, or deleting quick and seamless.

Note-taking has never been easier

We ensure note-taking is quick, easy, and up to standards.

"I find the accuracy of the note summarization startling. The ability of the AI to pull important details out of, often meandering exploration, saves me an enormous amount of time on notes. For the first time in years, I don’t feel like I’m constantly fighting to keep current and I didn’t have to sacrifice accuracy or depth the way other solutions require."

A private practitioner in Santa Monica.

Write different kinds of notes using Mentalyc

With Mentalyc you can now write concise notes covering all important sections quickly and easily.

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Couple therapy notes

Write well-detailed SOAP notes quickly and easily on Mentalyc.

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Progress notes

Write well-detailed progress notes quickly and easily on Mentalyc.

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EMDR notes

Write well-detailed SOAP notes quickly and easily on Mentalyc.

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Record your session

Mentalyc works in any session, online, in-person, or hybrid, there are no limits! Recording is free and HIPAA compliant.

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In-person sessions

We recommend recording in-person sessions on your phone or tablet. Here you can find instructions for IOS and Android devices.

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Online sessions

We recommend recording online sessions on your computer (Macbook or Windows). Here you can find recording instructions for Macbook and Windows.

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Phone call sessions

We have created recording instructions for sessions you may have over the phone if you use an Android or iPhone. Here you can find the instructions for Android and iPhone.

Uploading your recordings

You can directly upload your recordings from any device

Uploading on desktop

If you record your online sessions directly on your computer (check recording instructions for Macbook and Windows). You will find it easiest to upload them directly from Mentalyc's web app on your computer. There you drag and drop your files onto the upload fields on the home screen (See our uploading guide).

Uploading on mobile devices

For in-person or phone call sessions you will most likely use your phone (or tablet) to do the recording. For this case, we have enabled uploads directly from mobile devices (and tablets). Reviewing and signing notes is only possible from the desktop at this time.

Mobile App

In order to use the Mentalyc app on your phone you need to save it as a bookmark on your desktop. The app cannot be found on the app or google store you will need to follow the instructions for Safari and Chrome in order to set it up. If you plan on uploading from your phone this will be very handy.

There is no safer place for your data than Mentalyc.

HIPAA compliance is just the beginning of our data protection efforts.

Client consent

To make your life easier we have prepared a client consent template which is available to you directly in the Mentalyc app (under user profile) and on our website. We highly recommend informing clients about recording sessions. Download here.

No recordings stored

When you upload your session recording onto Mentalyc, it will be immediately transcribed and the recording will be deleted forever. This whole process happens in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment. Learn more about what happens to recordings on Mentalyc.

Notes are anonymized

When your upload is ready, it will be immediately transcribed without storing any client identifiers (names, places, etc. will be removed from it). It is up to you whether you use full client names while adding a new client, you can also use their nicknames or initials if you do not want Mentalyc notes to be considered as client medical records.

Delete anytime

You can delete the anonymized notes from Mentalyc at any time. You can delete either just the transcript or anything associated with a session (transcript, notes, and session stats). This is unnecessary, however, as Mentalyc is both HIPAA-compliant and anonymous. See our guide on how to delete notes from Mentalyc.

Client talking points

When discussing the use of Mentalyc with your client it is important to let them know about all the mentioned points. We have also prepared a separate page talking about security and client benefits in detail. Feel free to share it with your clients.

Keeping records in Mentalyc vs other EHRs

You can keep you records in Mentalyc or elsewhere, Mentalyc makes it easy to export and be flexible

In Mentalyc app

Mentalyc saves all your notes under the "records" page in the app. You can find all your passed notes, transcripts, and stats there. They are anonymized, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant.

Other EHRs

Exporting notes from Mentalyc was never easier. It takes 1 click to copy or download the notes to be ready for your EHR, store on your device or print. You can keep the notes in Mentalyc and in an EHR or delete them from Mentalyc. It's up to you!

Shape your experience on Mentalyc into exactly how you want it


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