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How to delete notes and transcripts from Mentalyc

Deleting your notes and transcripts from Mentalyc is super easy and all it takes is 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Go to your "Records" page on the Mentalyc app and select the client you want to delete the session for.

Step 2: After selecting the client, select the date you stored the particular session with from the list of sessions.

selecting the date

Step 3: Click on the "trash can" icon to delete, you'll receive a pop up to confirm your action, click "yes" to initiate delete. Please note that deleting the note deletes both the note and the transcript while deleting the transcript does not delete the note. The session stats remain unaffected.

Clicking on the trash can icon
Deleting Session

Note: You can also delete a session by clicking on the "menu" icon at the side of your session date and then clicking on delete. Doing that will delete the note, transcript and stats and will also delete the session date from your records.

clicking on the menu icon
Clicking on delete

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