Have your progress notes written for you. Instantly.

Everything you need to know about the Mentalyc team feature.

The Mentalyc team feature is the best way for you to ensure fast and quality notes for you and your team members with, making your team members much more effective while doing significantly less work. All you have to do is simply buy the number of seats you need for your team members. Below, we will be highlighting some of the features. you get from Mentalyc team.

Team note stats: With the team feature you can see how much your team members upload sessions and sign notes on a monthly basis and you can also see those who have unsigned notes for over 7 days.

Team note stats

Manage team members: You can access this feature by clicking on "manage" on your dashboard.

Managing team members
team members' signed notes
Archive team members
Clicking Archived

Adding New Team Members: You can add a new team member by using the "Add new team member" button from your team dashboard or from your "Manage team" page. Once you click the button a form will popup and all you need to do is fill their name, email and select a plan for them.

Click on the trash can
Clicking yes

Invitations: You can see all the invitations you have sent in your "Pending invitations" page where you can resend or cancel invitations sent out to team members who are yet to accept. You can access this page by clicking on the "Pending invitations" button from your dashboard.

clicking on the menu
Clicking on delete

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