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How to record sessions on MacBook?

Searching for a good audio recording application for Mac for your online therapy sessions? Look no further, I believe I have found one for you. QuickTime player is easy to use and offers good audio quality and free audio recordings so there is no need for you to enroll in any subscription. This article will show you how you can use QuickTime player to record your sessions and save them locally on your machine. 

Step 1:  It is important to note that QuickTime player is built into all Mac OS machines. So to locate it go to the applications folder located on the dock of the Mac you are using.

Step 2: After opening the application choose the ‘new audio recording’.

Step 3: Press the red button to start/stop the recording. Note that the recording cannot be paused.

Step 4: After finishing the recording the file remains without a name.

Step 5: Once you close the window the app will ask you to choose a folder then name and save the recording locally on your machine. Avoid saving on the cloud.

Hopefully, it was helpful!

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