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Creating Service Notes with Mentalyc for Short Interactions Between Sessions

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Simplify Short Client Interactions with Mentalyc's Service Notes

Mentalyc's Service Notes feature is an essential tool for therapists who engage in short, unstructured interactions with clients between therapy sessions, such as phone calls or email exchanges. This feature is specifically designed to streamline the documentation process for brief client interactions, making it easy to capture essential information for non-therapeutic exchanges. By using Mentalyc's Service Notes feature, therapists can keep records organized and easily accessible, simplify documentation processes, and maintain clear and concise summaries of short client interactions.

Who is it best for?

  • Mental health professionals who conduct brief client interactions between sessions will benefit most from the Service Notes feature. This feature is perfect for those who engage in phone calls, email exchanges, or other unstructured interactions with clients.
  • It is ideal for documenting non-therapeutic interactions, such as session rescheduling or risk assessments.
  • Service Notes are also useful for tracking brief communications with family members or other involved parties, keeping records organized and easily accessible.
  • It is good for both call recordings and a dictated summary of what happened.

What is it not good for?

  • Not suitable for capturing detailed information during full therapy sessions. It is not meant to replace progress notes for therapeutic sessions.
  • Not intended for creating extensive progress notes required for insurance purposes, as service notes are typically brief and document non-therapeutic interactions.

What are the benefits?

  1. Streamlined documentation: Mentalyc's Service Notes feature simplifies the process of documenting brief, unstructured interactions between therapists and clients.
  2. Organized and easily accessible records: All service notes are organized in Mentalyc, making it easy to access and review them whenever needed.
  3. Capturing essential information: Mentalyc's AI processes the recorded interaction and extracts the essential information, making it easy to capture the key points of non-therapeutic exchanges.

Steps on how to create a Service note

  1. Step 1: Pick a dictation or recording tool - The first step is to pick a suitable dictation tool to record the session summary. You can use your phone voice recorder (Android or iPhone) or any recording app on your phone. Alternatively, you can use the inbuilt or any software on your PC or Mac.
  2. Step 2: Record a clear and concise dictation or phone call recording - Once you have selected the dictation tool, proceed to record a clear and concise dictation of the therapy session on your preferred recording software or device. Your summary can be up to 10 minutes long and include the most important insights and observations.
  3. Step 3: Upload the audio file to Mentalyc either from your mobile phone or from your computer. Here is a detailed guide on uploading a recording to mentalyc. Make sure you select “Service note” as the note type.
  4. Step 4: Mentalyc AI generates the service notes - Mentalyc's AI will generate a service note based on your dictation. The AI will extract relevant information from your summary and create a note in either DAP or SOAP format. The resulting note will be concise, accurate, and easy to read, saving time and effort.

What to Include in the Dictation for the Best Output

To get the best output from the Service Note feature in Mentalyc, therapists should ensure that the dictated audio file includes the following information:

  1. Include a brief explanation of the interaction's goal, e.g., if it was to reschedule a session, assess risk, or engage in any other non-therapeutic conversations.
  2. A summary of the discussion or exchange's substance that highlights the most important ideas and details covered.
  3. Also, mention any pertinent follow-up plans or activities that were made during the meeting, such as setting up a call or sending an email.
  4. If it is on a call with the client, discuss the reason for the call and the next steps.
  5. Mention any essential observations or concerns that were noted during the interaction, such as changes in the client's behavior or situation that need to be monitored. By including these details in the dictation, therapists can ensure that the service note generated by Mentalyc accurately reflects the interaction and contains all the necessary information for future reference.

Service note example

I called to check in with a client and get an update on their discharge planning or outcome. I let them know that I would be out of town next week, but available by phone if they needed anything.


Mentalyc's service note feature is an efficient tool for therapists to document short, unstructured interactions with clients, making sure that all client-related communication is accurately recorded and easily accessible. With this feature, therapists can streamline their workflow and ensure that essential information is captured, leading to better client care.

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